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Teaching Drama: 8 Tips for a Successful Drama Sharing Day


Dec 14, 2013 Drama Games, Teaching Drama 3 Comments

I just came back from an end-of-semester drama presentation at a local elementary school. If you run a drama program, you’re familiar with this opportunity for parents to come and see what their kids have been working on. Parents are excited to see their kids, kids are excited to have their parents see them, and [...]

5 Ways to Help Your Kids Project Their Voice on Stage


May 23, 2013 Children's Theatre, Drama Teaching Tips , , , 13 Comments

“More volume, Sasha, more volume!!” How many times have you found yourself shouting this from the audience when rehearsing with your young actors? If you’re like me, MANY TIMES. By far one of the biggest challenges when rehearsing with kids is getting them to speak loud enough for the audience to hear. It’s not natural [...]