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teaching drama to preschool

.Do you find it difficult to find drama activities for preschool age children?

We’re here to help. Working with very young children is a completely different experience than working with older kids. Their attention spans are shorter and they require games that are simple, short and active…but also provide them with the skills necessary to grow as an actor.

Teaching Drama to Little Ones is packed with activities that do just that. It includes 12 lesson plans specifically designed for this age group that you can implement today. It also includes guides on how to adapt a script and rehearse a show with this age group. We’ve even created a special 15-minute edition of our most popular musical We Are Monsters as an optional performance kit for your classroom!

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A note from author Jessica McCuiston:

Teaching Drama Preschool Author


When I first started directing children’s theatre, I found it especially challenging to teach preschoolers and kindergarteners. Existing drama activities were geared toward older performers. The songs were too difficult and scripts were way too long. So I started adapting games, editing songs, and writing my own scripts. I wanted my younger students to practice valuable theatre skills, learn to be responsible actors, and perform a real show with lines and solos. This book is filled with activities that are ideal for working with 3 to 7-year-olds. It also comes with guidelines for creating a show and even includes an optional script that you can use with your own students!



Here’s an overview of what your kids will learn:


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We Are Monsters Songs and Scenes Version


It’s important to have a short performance at the end of a semester of classes. It allows little ones the chance to build confidence in front of an audience, and parents are able to fill up their iPhones with cute video of their children :) We’ve included in this book a few tips on how to create your own show, but if you’d rather leave the work to us we’ve created a special “little ones” edition of Beat By Beat’s most popular musical We Are Monsters. With an approximate 15-minute run time, this script has scenes and songs that are the perfect length for 3-7 year olds. You can download the We Are Monsters Songs and Scenes classroom kit as an additional purchase and have everything you need to put on the show, including a printable script, piano sheet music, vocal MP3s, accompaniment MP3s (backing tracks that the kids can perform along with) and unlimited classroom use. All for a tiny fraction of the price of the full-length show!

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At Beat by Beat we’re passionate about raising the bar on the quality of resources that are available for young actors…and you’ll find this eBook to be no exception. Over 45,000 people a month visit the Beat by Beat website, discovering tools and resources which have brought joy to teachers and creativity to young actors around the world.

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You can purchase Teaching Drama to Little Ones and We Are Monsters Songs and Scenes Kit separately.
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teaching drama to preschoolTeaching Drama to Little Ones eBook only:

✓  Instant download of a 39-page PDF eBook containing 12 lesson plans
✓  Over 70 activities for kids age 3-7
✓  The ability to print and photocopy as much as you need for personal or single-classroom use
✓  A 30-day no-risk guarantee!

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We Are Monsters Songs and Scenes Kit only:

✓  Instant download of the 15-minute Script, Piano-Vocal Sheet Music, Vocal MP3s, Accompaniment MP3s (backing tracks)
✓  A license to print and photocopy all materials
✓  Unlimited classroom use!

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Teaching Drama to Little Ones & We Are Monsters Songs and Scenes Kit (save $10)

✓  Instant download of a 39-page PDF eBook containing 12 lesson plans and over 70 activities
✓ Instant download of the 15-minute We Are Monsters Script, Piano-Vocal Sheet Music, Vocal MP3s, Accompaniment MP3s (backing tracks)
✓  Unlimited classroom use
✓  A 30-day no-risk guarantee!

List Price: $59.00

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