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Drama Game: Superfans


Feb 13, 2017 Drama Games , 2 Comments

Type: Improv, Creativity

Purpose: A simple improv game that helps create a positive creative environment.


1. Have the class stand in a semi-circle. 

2. Everyone standing in the semi-circle is a “superfan” of whomever steps in front of them.

3. One at a time members of the group will step in front and narrate a real or fictional story.

4. The superfans will cheer and gush as soon as the speaker steps out, then react with great enthusiasm and admiration and “ooooohs!” and “ahhhs!” as he/she narrates the story.

5. Continue until everyone has had a chance to tell a story.


The story can either be as mundane or as fantastical as desired. Sometimes it’s more fun if you require the stories to be true…anything that the kids can remember from their morning. EXAMPLE:  “This morning, I woke up 5 minutes late (gasp!), put on my slippers (how cute! how sweet! what an amazing idea!) and went to brush my teeth (cheer!), but was out of toothpaste (gasp!)…so I used mouthwash instead (cheer! applause!).”

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  • Dorothy Pierce
    Feb 9, 2020 at 1:51 pm Reply

    This wonderful and positive game has been a huge success with my Advanced improv students. It really does make everyone feel better than they did when they stepped into class.

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