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Drama Game: Do Nothing


Jan 3, 2018 Drama Games 1 Comment

Theatre Game for Kids

Type: Warm-Up

Purpose: This game fits in a category that I call minimalism :)  Extremely simple, yet effective at focusing a class and having a bit of fun in the beginning of a session.


1. Have the class stand in a circle.

2. Tell them (with a wink) you are about to introduce to them a super complicated game that will require complete focus. They must…stand still and do nothing.

3. Yep, that’s it. Just stand still and do nothing.

4. Allow this to sink in. 

5. After a few moments, tell them you’re going to make it slightly more interesting. Them them to casually watch the person to their left, and they must copy any tiny movements that person naturally makes.

6. This has the effect of creating a really cool wave movement around the circle. 

7. Allow this to play out for awhile.

8. Then reset, tell everyone to be perfectly still, and start again.

9. Consider continuing the game: Watch the person two spots to your right, copy his/her movements no matter how small, but magnify by 50%. Then, magnify by 100%, 150%, etc.  

Reflection: What did it feel like to play this game? What new things did you notice? What were the most common types of movements? Are we ever completely still? 

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  • Kate
    Dec 7, 2018 at 1:07 pm Reply

    I did this with a group of high school actors, instructing them to amplify the movement by 50% — it quickly got ridiculously silly and they were amazed. A fun game to do on the first day of rehearsal for a new show — getting people being silly together uninhibitedly (and the best part is that no one person is on display because everyone is looking at a different person!)

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