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Drama Game: Hot Spot


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3Type:  Raise-energy.


  • Designed to get people to act quickly, spot patterns and “get out of their heads.”


A big enough space for the entire class to stand in a circle comfortably.


  • Hot Spot begins with the group standing in a circle.
  • A suggestion may be given, but it is not necessary. One person will step into the center of the circle and begin singing a song, preferably a song most of the group already knows.
  • After a few brief lines of song someone must tap out the player in the center and take their place. That player then begins singing a new song somehow inspired by the previous song.
  • That becomes the pattern, as player after player tap into the the center of the circle to sing a song.
  • Players in the surrounding circle may support by singing along, clapping hands, impersonating instruments, etc.
  • The circle also provides support by tapping in to move the exercise along and not leave the singer in the center for too long.


  • Made-up Hot Spot:  Like regular hot spot, except the songs are made up on the spot. Players in the circle are still encouraged to sing along.
  • Monologue Hot Spot:  Instead of singing, the person taking the center begins to tell a story. Someone from the circle usually taps in before the story is over.
  • Character Hot Spot:  Instead of singing, the person taking the center begins to tell a story as a character. The person may jump back into the circle at a later time, still acting as the original character.
  • Misheard Lyrics Hot Spot:  Songs are sung with lyrics that are close, but not quite right.

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