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Drama Game: Group Shape


Nov 2, 2013 Drama Games 2 Comments

Group ShapeType:  Ensemble Building


1.  Have the whole class take the stage.

2.  Tell them their goal is to create the shape of an object with their bodies as you can count down from 10 to 1.

3. When you reach “1” and say “freeze!” they must freeze as you inspect the object.

4.  The first couple times don’t give them any instructions and let them try to figure it out however they want, even if it includes talking. You’ll see a lot of personalities come out.

5.  Then, tell them they must work silently.

6.  Variation:  After awhile, consider dividing the class up into two or three groups.  Call out an object and have them compete to see who can create the best shape in 10 seconds.  Then, have each group create an object of their own while the other groups have a chance to guess.

7.  Variation:  After awhile consider giving them only 5 seconds.

8.  Variation:  Give them an object that has motion, and ask them to demonstrate the moving object.

9.  If you’re rehearsing a play or musical, consider using objects/themes found in the story.

Object Ideas:

–  A plane
–  An iPhone
–  A piano
–  A shoe
–  A giraffe

Movement Objects:

– Fire
– A tree in a storm
– An eagle
– A blinking eye
–  A ticking clock

Do you have other object ideas, suggestions or comments? Leave them below!

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