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Drama Game: Spy, Crush, Hate


Apr 7, 2015 Drama Games , 6 Comments

Spy Crush Hate Drama GameType: Warm-up, Ensemble Building

Purpose: This game is similar to Enemy and Protector, but a slightly different take and a bit more involved. It will allow the kids a chance to become familiar with each other in a new setting.


1.  Ask the kids to silently walk around the playing area.

2. Ask every player to silently choose a member of the group, Target 1, to “spy” on. They should continue walking around as they “spy”, trying hard to keep it a secret.

3. Then tell every player to secretly choose a second member of the group, Target 2, to “spy” on. Now they should try and keep an eye on both targets, still secretly.

4. After awhile, tell the group that they now have a “crush” on Target 1 and must try and get as close to that person as possible, while still “spying” on Target 2.

5. Finally, tell the group that they now “hate” Target 2, and must try and get as far away from them as possible while still trying to stay close to their “crush”, Target 1.

6. Observe the changing dynamics of the room.


– Consider using this activity as a lead in for how physical interactions are affected by character motivations.

– How do you interact with someone you’re friends with as opposed to someone you don’t like very much?  Why?

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